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Friday, September 10, 2010

I see you still haven't found where I moved. Here's a freebie:


See yah.

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Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Last entry

Sorry lurkers. I can't blog here anymore. Just think of it like... I died or something.



Addendum: Sorry, had to disable comments.  @lurker this was my reply to your comment (if you haven't read it yet):

I assumed you were channeling Venus Raj with your "sad sad" comment.

My life is in potential ruins and I just feel the need to... move. Thanks for finally leaving a comment albeit on the last entry. Better late than never. :)"

Signing off.

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Monday, August 30, 2010
Please stop

saying "major major".

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Sunday, August 29, 2010
fail meal

I do not like runny eggs. (Gf loves them.) So when I eat "silog meals" I tell them to "burn" the egg. Or scramble it so the yolk won't be runny. Sometimes when I haven't had silog for a while the next time I do I forget to specify those things and I end up with sunny side up, runny yolk. It annoys the hell out of me.

For this meal, I didn't forget. This is spicy tuna flakes in oil. Sabi ko sa nagluluto, "pakihalo po yung egg" - may motion pa yan na kasama, and she said, "Ok". I've eaten there several times before and they usually get it right. They mix the egg with the tuna. This time, with this new cook I ended up with this atrocity:

ARGH!!! I just stared at the thing for a full minute, and then thought about what I said. When I said pakihalo did she think I meant pakiscramble? Alright, my bad. I should have said paki-halo yung egg sa tuna. Pero fuck, ang faill!!! x(

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gf, sister, and I all have laptops that connect wirelessly to a single router. Our landlady's kids have a separate isp but their desktop needs to be hardwired to the modem. When I found out that of the kids was gonna purchase a netbook I got out of bed and hid our ssid. When the kid brought home her netbook she asked me to configure her bluetooth, wifi etc and I told her our router's signal must be weak because her netboook couldn't pick it up. You understand right?  I mean, one more netbook to share bandwidth with, argh. The other kid won a netbook in a raffle. A while ago gf was trying to make the wireless work and was baffled why the netbook couldn't pick up our network. I even pretended to help out... Now the landlady's kid thinks netbook is broken. Woot. 

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Friday, August 27, 2010
ZOMG failbook epic win!

Red is the shiz.

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Ring my bell

I used to hear this "ding" which excited me every single time. It's the sound a tiny bell makes when it gets struck. It's such a beautiful sound, much like the sound the ice cream truck makes on the sunniest of days.

You used to ring this bell. You've been ringing it less and less and now I've learned not to expect anything at all. At least not from you. Plenty of others have struck that bell.I've gotten used to others ringing it constantly throughout the day. One day one of them will have the same effect as you had every time you made that bell ring.

For now I'm just waiting for the day you strike that bell again and I have to cringe at how the noise hurts my ears.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010
I can't remember her face


I went to school to apply for some of the board exam requirements. This was the 2nd day of school and a lot of students were still paying their tuition etc hence the line at the OUR was looong. They had seats prepared so you could be on your ass while waiting on the queue. I was approaching the end of the line and before me was a pretty girl with long, straight hair with highlights. So I thought to myself it's not so bad at least I can be stuck here in the next 20 minutes right next to a pretty girl. When I took a seat I sort of saw her legs( (she was wearing shorts) and zomg it was pretty horrendous. Girl had hairy legs! Like... she was the type who shaved her legs before and then just to spite everyone she quit shaving so they grew out and they were all thick and nasty...

Nothing is perfect.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why do you have that smug grin?
It's easy for you to start a game.
You play and know in the end it's your win.

It's not natural it's almost like sin
The way they stick to you like moths to a flame.
Why do you have that smug grin?

There's a dent, much to your chagrin
But it's never you who takes the blame.
You must remind everyone who got the last win.

You can't help but make heads spin.
Would it hurt if you would disclaim?
Why do you have that smug grin?

One's patience can only run so thin.
Yet they stick with just the mention of your name.
They stay knowing in the end they won't win.

We both know where those thoughts of yours have been.
It's one of the few things I can claim.
Why do you have that smug grin?
Are you certain it's your heart I want to win?

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
TB/Gf back

Arrived early with 3 other teammates. I chose one of the corner chairs near the wall because I knew crush would probably choose one of the "free-er" seats so she could leave the table without bothering too many people. I wanted to sit as far away as possible from her because it was easy for me to get lost in a trance just staring at her. Figure 1 was our original seat plan. We ordered a bucket of beer. Crush was trying not to drink so she just had water. Half way thru my first beer Figure 2 happened. For some reason she felt the need to sit closer and an inch was separating us. At some point pictures are taken and I lean close to her and she leans closer to me and after the shot she says "parang mag-on tayo". To which I say, "uh, no, hindi ganun magpapicture ang mag-on". I mean, hello there was no skin contact whatsoever. She takes out her e-cigarette and starts puffing. She asks me if it bothers me. I said no. E-cigarette smoke didn't smell bad and didn't hurt my nose. It was like strawberry-flavoured fume. I didn't have to wrinkle my nose or waft the smoke away from face. At one point she blows directly at my face and I look at her bewildered and she apologized and said she didn't mean to.

-          She starts caressing my arm. Well not my arm, but the arm of my shirt.

Me: What are you doing?

Her: Finifeel ko yung fabric, nice.--- Wtf.

-          She asks me when I was sure I was into girls.

Me: High school.

Her: Nagka-gf ako nung 1st year college. --- ZOMG ZOMG this is like her telling me, "I can fall for girls!"

Me: Butch?

Her: Yun ba yung parang boyish? Oo. Pero mas maganda pa siya sa kin, swear.

Me: Gano katagal kayo?

Her: One week. Di ako sure kung na-in love ako sa kanya.

Me: Alright that doesn't count. Siguro sinagot mo lang siya kasi nakulitan ka or something.   BUMMER.

More people arrive, (Figure 3). New girl asks crush if she wants to change seats with her so she can be at the corner. Crush declined. This was around noon hence there were no other customers. I yell from across the bar to where the bartender was --- "Boss, isang blowjob." Everyone laughs. Buti na lang wala si Liz kung hindi baka nahampas na naman ako. My shooter arrives --- crush wanted to take a picture.

Me: You can say sa caption, "My first blowjob".  (I meant if she was gonna post it somewhere)

Her: Is it?

Me: No. (drink or non-drink, same answer)

I honestly think the guys are just there to watch me consume the blowjob. I give the cue. Ok, eto na. Crush takes out her camera phone... I put my hands behind my back, wrap my mouth around the rim of the shot glass, pick it up with my mouth and tilt my head back. Everything happened so fast crush wasn't able to take a photo. It had such a strong kick I had to pound the table with my fist.

I told them I had to go because gf had been texting and asking me to come home and she wasn't being very nice. They asked me to finish one more bottle. And I did. I leave some money. I stand up and get ready to leave and crush stands up and asks if I was going. She moves up to "beso-beso" me. I wasn't the "beso-beso"  type but since it already happened, I had to beso the other girl and Ram. I dunno parang weird pag siya lang bineso ko sa buong group. I said goodbye to everyone else.

Gf arrived around 2am that morning and I hadn't seen her in 6 days. She was taking a bath when I arrived. I knocked and said I had to pee. She opened the bathroom door and I kissed her. I peed and then kissed her again. Of course she pointed out that I smelled like chico. I apologized and kissed her again. I just wanted to pass out on our bed but gf said she hadn't eaten so I had to accompany her. Whilst drunk I watched her eat. She told stories about her "vacation". I couldn't keep myself from swiping her bangs away from her face. I caressed her leg with my foot under the table. I would say "footsie" but it doesn't sound as intimate. And then we went home and...





In fairness may effort ang entry na ito, may pa figure-figure pa.

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